EUROPAN 12 : Porto Brandao (finaliste) (2013)

Co-porteur de projet avec Antoine Bégel et Marine Favennec (Commune architectes), architectes, pour le concours européen EUROPAN 12. Projet Finaliste.

Quelle reconversion d’un territoire délabré sans économie ? Comment redonner vie à moindre frais à un village en déshérence ? Le projet propose de concentrer l’intervention en trois « Structure de reliance » (mobilité+espace public+réhabilitation architecturale) pour offrir des lieux partagés capables de devenir les catalyseurs d’un nouveau développement.

Relinking Structures

Main issue : how to socially, economically and esthetically regenerate Porto Brandao ? And how to permit this new coherence to the site at both local and global scales without destroying the surrounding nature ?

Hypothesis : we sustain that it is by respecting and valorizing of the existing that the site may be regenerated. By “existing” we’d like to aim on human, built, and natural aspects, all together. Three terms to resume the proposition : rely, respect and reinforce to regenerate.


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To promote a local agriculture production is a way to absorb both ecological and economical crisis, and to positively react to future possible changes that may occur. “To create is to resist”, used to say Gilles Deleuze.

To propose an urban intervention on a territory, it’s also to give visibility. Why don’t take this opportunity to display, focus and promote the innovate initiatives in terms of sustainability and proximity ? The project aims at embodying the short cycle which is proposed through local agriculture and consumption. From local production to market or consumption places, agriculture and its production are seen as an opportunity for the territory to regenerate.


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Far away from the idea of “adaptable” or “customizable” city, that’s the way we’d like to think an adapted city, a city which would be adapted to our ever-changing world.

Thus, “Relinking Structures” concept has been created to answer Porto Brandao’s need of regeneration. It’s a completely new invention, thought and design to answer the site’s issues. A series of criteria has been etablished to form so this hybrid combination of buildings, places, transports equipments and programmatic proposition. A series of criteria that aim, all together, at regenerating the city.